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Instructional time is very important. To limit interruptions to the classroom, teacher phone numbers are not listed. If you would like to speak to a teacher, please call the front office and leave a message, or e-mail him or her to set up a time to speak. Thank you for your understanding and support.
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Abraham, Kari Teacher - Gifted Mrs. Abraham 
Alexander, Suzette Teacher - 4th grade Mrs. Alexander 
Auten, Traci Teacher - 5th grade Ms. Auten 
Bacal, Emily Psychologist  
Barlow, Marci Teacher - 3rd grade Mrs. Barlow 
Beloat, Nicholle LD Resource - Intermediate Ms. Beloat 
Brown, Sue Principal  
Caraway, Dana Teacher - 4th grade Mrs. Caraway 
Cave, Shawon Teacher - 4th grade Mr. Cave 
Clement, Amy Teacher - 2nd grade Mrs. Clement 
Cordova, Leticia Teacher - Preschool Ms. Cordova 
Dowers, Elena Teacher - 5th grade Ms. Dowers 
Fagersten.Ashley Teacher - Kindergarten Ms. Fagersten 
Flores, Geisa Teacher - 6th Grade Ms. Flores 
Fox, Lori Teacher - 1st grade Mrs. Fox 
Gabel, Maria ELL Testing Specialist  
Godfrey, Steven Program Coach  
Goebel, Debbie Instructor - Head Start  
Guerrero, Jacqueline WRIC Center  
Harris, Kyra Speech Path  
Hayes, Gail CCB Intervention Specialist Mrs. Hayes 
Heffke, Melissa Office Manager  
Hetrick, Kathy LD Resource - Primary Mrs. Hetrick 
Hibbitts, Georgia Office Tech  
Jones, Alexis Teacher - Kindergarten Mrs. Jones 
Kowalczyk, Cassandra Teacher - 5th grade Ms. Kowalczyk 
Lanuza, Anna Teacher - 6th grade Ms. Hernando 
Lopez, Adriana Social Worker  
Lucio, Juan Teacher - 1st grade/2nd grade  
Majerczyk, Marilyn Academic Intervention Specialist Mrs. Majerczyk 
Manzano, Alexis Teacher - KG  
Martinez, Angel Teacher - P.E. Mr. Kahldon 
Martinez, Cecilia Facility Manager  
McGraw, Christy Teacher - 1st grade Ms. McGraw 
McLain, Lola Teacher - 3rd grade Mrs. McLain 
McPherson, Lynnda Health Services Technician  
Michel, Aliza Teacher - Music  
Mills, Leslie Library Technician  
Mitchell, Patti Teacher - PE Ms. Mitchell 
Nunez Meraz, Carmen Office Tech  
Oyaski, Cheryl Teacher - 2nd grade Mrs. Oyaski 
Peterson, Jana Teacher - Art Ms. Peterson 
Potthoff, Bridgett Teacher - 3rd grade Mrs. Potthoff 
Reak, Natalie Teacher - 2nd grade Ms. Reak 
Recinos, Lilian Teacher - 6th grade Ms. Recinos 
Rivera, Leticia SLPA Ms. Rivera 
Schlomer, Laura Teacher - 2nd grade Mrs. Schlomer 
Somes, Linda Cafeteria Manager  
Tudi, Phyllis Teacher - Art Mrs. Tudi 
Vierthaler, Carey Teacher - Kindergarten Ms. Vierthaler 
Wang, Molly Teacher - Music  Ms. Wang 
Watkins, Kjersten Teacher 1st Grade Ms. Watkins 
Welsh, Debby Teacher - 1st grade Mrs. Welsh 
Williams, Tonja Teacher - Kindergarten Mrs. Williams 
Woodburne, Kirstin Teacher - 2nd grade Mrs. Woodburne 
Showing 55 items